Crossing the fog with Sacha Yanow

Written and performed by Sacha Yanow, Silent Film was first seen at Danspace in New York City on December 6, 2013. Right from the start, this piece guided the audience on a brief tour of sexualized  tropes in cinema, mixing well-known films with buried facts—all in just under twenty minutes. Yanow’s Silent Film is a fortified example of how much can be achieved onstage with a single body, a spotlight, and audio. Three core elements, so simple. And yet, such simplicity is bound to magnify any elements that don’t click, as there is no where to hide an unsorted thought. Not that I was looking for imperfections (there’s no need, they speak up for themselves!), or distracted by any. The piece was immediately engaging with its compelling witty script, and Yanow’s expressive movements.

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