Fusing Place and Perception: Gus Petro

Photographed at a secret fishermen’s bay north from Sagres; and in London, Monument (Foster’s Gerkin in the distance).

Gus Petro is a Zurich-based artist who grew up in the Lithuanian capital, “the old town of Vilnius.”  Proximity to water is what brought Gus Petro to southern Portugal to photograph what was once considered the edge of the world.

Petro’s latest photography based series, titled Weld, fuses iconic London buildings with the typical cliffside landscapes of the Algarve.  By not relying on tropes of travel photography (chasing the unknown, the hidden, the unique) Petro forges new contexts for well-known buildings and seaside vistas.  The picturesque becomes urbanized; the urbanized becomes satiated by ample sun and fresh light.

On a subtle level, these geographic juxtapositions reflect long-standing Anglo-Luso relations of political power, economic and cultural ties.  Gus Petro’s thought process for this project is rooted in nuances of perception and accumulations of architectural contexts.

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