It Can’t Be Helped: Daphne Fitzpatrick

To experience the everyday as a stream of insatiable curiosities is the sort of feeling adults are supposed to outgrow, but some of us don’t know how to do that. Or we simply refuse it, because a world governed by the imagination is preferable to exterior social systems we didn’t design, but can only counteract through acts of imagination, and willful recalibration. And so the mundane becomes a space for reorganizing impulses that refuse to be dulled. Impulses best when sharp, big baguettes best kept standing tall.

Daphne Fitzpatrick’s recent installation The Baton at Art In General’s Storefront Project Space brought sculpture and photography together as an indivisible unit of thought. The Baton treats the lexicon of surrealism with an invigorated immediacy, a sense of play that could only happen now. The installation was comprised of a large freestanding pipe cut-out, a human-sized cast sculpture of a baguette leaning casually against the wall, and a video stream of photographs by Fitzpatrick’s everyday findings in urban space. Some of the photographs both overtly sexual and steeped in hilarity.

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Photograph by Daphne Fitzpatrick, 2014.
Photograph by Daphne Fitzpatrick, 2014.