Fusing Place and Perception: Gus Petro

Gus Petro is a Zurich-based artist who grew up in the Lithuanian capital, “the old town of Vilnius.”  Proximity to water is what brought Gus Petro to southern Portugal to photograph what was once considered the edge of the world. Petro’s latest photography based series, titled Weld, fuses iconic London buildings with the typical cliffside […]

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Theater of Displacement: Rita Barros

The Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan’s West 23rd Street has been home to celebrity residents: from Mark Twain to Edie Sedgwick, from Simone de Beauvoir to Storme DeLarverie. Among such iconic residents is the notable Portuguese photographer Rita Barros, who has lived in the same room at the Chelsea Hotel since 1984. Barros’ 1999 book Fifteen […]

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