Crossing the fog with Sacha Yanow

Written and performed by Sacha Yanow, Silent Film was first seen at Danspace in New York City on December 6, 2013. Right from the start, this piece guided the audience on a brief tour of sexualized  tropes in cinema, mixing well-known films with buried facts—all in just under twenty minutes. Yanow’s Silent Film is a […]

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Chronological disContent: Women, Art+Revolution

Outside NY’s Whitney Museum and San Francisco’s Museum of Art, Lynn Hershman Leeson asked men and women on the street the following question: “Can anyone name three women artists?” It’s difficult to gauge who is more disappointed: the filmmaker asking the question or each of the individuals, stumped. Two people could only remember Frida Kahlo. […]

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Francesca Woodman: Interior Geometries

Although director C. Scott Willis has framed a document of two artist parents who watched the professional reputation of their daughter “eclipse their own,” it was difficult to view The Woodmans as a portrait of Francesca Woodman. Can a cinematic portrait really be made from slices of friendships, acquaintances and family who witnessed fragments of […]

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