It Can’t Be Helped: Daphne Fitzpatrick

To experience the everyday as a stream of insatiable curiosities is the sort of feeling adults are supposed to outgrow, but some of us don’t know how to do that. Or we simply refuse it, because a world governed by the imagination is preferable to exterior social systems we didn’t design, but can only counteract […]

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David Armstrong’s last show in New York

David Armstrong passed away on the morning of Oct. 26, 2014. I was waiting to board a ferry on Fire Island when I received the news from Justin. Looking around the Pines, I imagined Armstrong initiating a conversation with people waiting for the ferry, and composing something dignified and subversive with a camera. An internationally exhibited […]

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Richard Prince: Cycles of spectatorship

If an artist’s work is dependent on popular media, at which point does media outpace the artist’s production? It is easy for Richard Prince to state that Tumblr was “invented for someone like [himself],” except that Tumblr is not really an invention but another reincarnation of existing human methods of exchange. Most reviews of Prince’s […]

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Tension in the Gesture: Aura Rosenberg

How is the body ever not politic? Especially when black youth in hoodies are deemed threats, and women are viewed as commodities of availability…how, in this social climate is the body not politic? Aura Rosenberg and I began a conversation about her work in March of this year, during her I Know It When I See […]

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Intimately Fierce: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

When Genesis Breyer P-Orridge speaks, it is always from the subjective plural. There never was much room for singularity in the GBP universe: their first collaborations were musical (bands); communistic art experiments; and the development of pandrogeny.  But after Breyer P-Orridge’s late wife Lady Jaye “dropped her body”, the preferred pronoun is a relentless ‘we’. […]

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More Than Everything: Mickalene Thomas

Lehmann Maupin’s Chrystie Street gallery opened the 2011 fall season with Mickalene Thomas’ second solo show, More Than Everything, which was on view until October 29th. Thomas has been hyper-prolific, creating works in critical engagement with inquiries into gender, race, class and sexuality. Continue reading at the new online home of Flare Arts Journal… Advertisements

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Ai Weiwei: New York Photographs 1983-1993

Preparations for his exhibition at The Asia Society in New York were well underway when Ai Weiwei was detained earlier this year at Beijing Airport on April 3, 2011. En route to Hong Kong, he was detained for nearly three months before his release on June 22. Other artists critical of Chinese government practices remain […]

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